Hi Ladies,

My name is Namrata and I am a 31 year old human (woman, wife, mom, and that’s me in the pic below) living in arguably one of the most diverse cities on the planet, New York City.  I was born in Andhra Pradesh, raised in New Jersey, and have constantly had to figure out a balance between the east and west, especially when it came to how I looked.  Growing up was fun because I got to enjoy the best of both eastern and western style.  However, now with 2 boys looking up to me, I realize that my morality hasn’t left me totally.  Nowadays, I am not only dealing with my mom-bod, but also with the reality that my boys will learn of their Indian culture through me (and my husband) and of what it means to be American through me (and my husband).  I never considered myself stylish or a style guru, but I do consider myself unique.  So to share this perspective, I started West Gully.


West Gully is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine with only one goal:  to  help women incorporate ‘high fashion’ into the everyday life.  The name, West Gully, comes from my hope to help women add a western twist into the eastern way of life.  We focus on all things style and beauty:  haute couture (high fashion from traditionally known designers), high street style (from the powerful force of instagram, facebook, and every day fashionistas), and on our own unique sense of style which we have cultivated over the years.

So come along for a good read and try some ideas for yourself!  Be sure to tag us on Facebook (West Gully) and on Instagram (@westgully) with your thoughts and unique looks!!

Hugs and Kisses,

The West Gully Team