Foundation to Good Style – The Basics

Like with anything else we build, whether it is a good habit, a daily routine, or an architectural masterpiece, the foundation needs to be laid and perfected.  Otherwise, all else that is built on top of it fails.  The same principle applies to your personal wardrobe.  Think of a wardrobe as a literal closet, in this case, your own closet.  How many pieces do you have that can be used to create various looks?  How many pieces do you have that can be styled for the various seasons?  How many of these pieces will continue to stay in style season after season, year after year?  

StyleCHanelBuilding a great wardrobe starts with the right mindset:  Classy over Trendy.  Great basics will pull off the classic, evergreen look, no matter what else you are wearing.  This isn’t to say trendy isn’t good.  I always have a few pieces which are trendy because, hey, I’m a girl and I love to follow the season!  But that doesn’t mean that my entire closet needs an overhaul or redo every time the weather changes.  I have some pieces which I have been using for years!!  Minus any weight gain I have experienced, I have literally used some of my t-shirts and tank tops for years.

Great basics are the foundation of your style, your signature look, and you need to consider them as an investment!  It’s easy to pick a cheaper quality undershirt over a more expensive one because hey, it’s under your shirt, right? But think about it, how many times can you reuse something like that, you may end up wasting more money due to poor quality than in just investing in a higher quality piece to begin with!  And, trust me ladies, cheapness shows!

So for our first post and to speak from the heart of West Gully, our main focus on fashion will include various ways to build your basic wardrobe!  What pieces work best, how can they be paired, and how you can pull them off!  Think about your own look, how do you like to dress, whether it is at work, or with family, or a causal day out – what is your essence, your style?  Figure that out first and start building your wardrobe based on that.

  1. The basic tank topHandM Basic Black Tank Top

I don’t think anyone disagrees with me that the worst part of any girl’s style is having her bra show through or having to be conscious of your dress shirt riding up, exposing your back.  It’s just uncomfortable!  This is where the tank top comes in super handy!!  Pair anything, I mean ANYTHING, with a tank top underneath and you are good to go!

If you are wearing a shorter shirt, tuck in the tank top into your pants or leggings and you have nothing to worry about!  A good tank top also helps to enhance the colors of any top, making it perfect for the beautiful silk or chiffon top!

I maintain my primary colors:  white, cream, black.  For me this is more than enough to pair with almost all of my tops!  Often, I pair any darker see-through shirt with a black tank top and it works beautifully! This one here is from H&M.

  1. The basic t-shirt

Uniqlo Basic TeeThis is my go-to for a causal Friday or weekend look.  Nothing embodies comfort like a causal t-shirt.  There are so many ways to wear a t-shirt!  Cropped pants, jeans, a beautiful skirt – the possibilities are endless!  Again, I stick with my basics:  white, black, cream.  I prefer a slightly related fit, v-neck (the v-neck adds a bit of class because you can add a small necklace for a slightly classier look).  I need to be able to move in these basics so I stay away from a snug fit.  Check it out at Uniqlo!


3.  The straight leg, classic blue wash jeans

I can wear these with a tunic (long or short), a dress shirt, my t-shirt, even with just the tank top and a blazer for a night out!  These are so versatile and one is more than enough!  I only wear jeans once (maybe twice) a week.  Most definitely, on my casual Friday’s at work and maybe on Saturday night, if we are heading to the cinema or shopping!  Pair these with flats, flip-flops, pair of pumps, boots, or sneakers and you can literally create any style you want! But pay attention to the cut and fit.  My hips are the widest (not my thighs) so this style is flattering.  If you have wider thighs, go for a more straight leg, less form fitting jeans and pair with some heel.  This one is splurge for my budget but jeans last forever.  Take a look at 7 for all Mankind 🙂

7forallmankind jeans4.  The moto jacket

MotoJacketNow, ladies, just trust me on this!  The moto jacket can be worn with anything, I mean even our beloved sarees and salwaars!!!  It is the most edgy look anyone can pull off to look cool enough to turn heads and stir envy!!!  And please, try to stick a color that can go with many other items such as the classic black, a dark brown or grey.   And there is no need to go for a leather-y look, I prefer knits myself 😊



5.  The C-Suite Blazer

This completes any look for work.  Your shirt wrinkled? No problem! Too short? No BlazerBananaRepublicproblem!  Too casual? No problem!  I would suggest that you keep this one at work.  Sometimes the hardest part of my job is the commute.  By the time I get to work, I look like I just got out of a 12 hour shift!  Or I hate being pulled into meetings that were scheduled after they start!  This is my go-to piece to look professional at work!  I keep it at work, where there is AC and I don’t get sweaty!  It stays there.  I just bring it home with me so that I can wash it over holidays or vacation.  Remember to take it back though.  Banana Republic is amazing, structured fit and awesome quality!


6.  The boyfriend cardigan

This again is something I generally keep at work.  In white, brown, and grey – it’s perfect and goes with all of my work pants!  No second thought! I love this knit from Orvis, works perfectly for the office A/C or over winter.  CardiganOrvis

7.  Basic flats

These go with everything, Indian, Western – you name it, they go with it!  Again, I have three colors:  black, brown, grey.  I also like keeping my feet enclosed, just keeps feet cleaner, smoother, and polished.  The quality is a must! We all know what happens with cheap quality shoes – not only do they get ruined quickly but they can actually ruin your feet too! So ladies, please don’t skimp on these!

8.  Stan Smiths (or the like)

These go with our crop pants, jeans, skirts, leggings – basically anything we can think of wearing!  They are super comfortable, and add a trendy look to an otherwise classic style!  In case you are wondering, Stan Smiths are the classic Adidas brand.  StanSmith

9.  The indiscreet bag

I love big bags but they tend to look bulky and can actually have a harmful effect on our posture!  I’m no exception, the bigger the bag, the more junk I end up throwing into it.  So keep it simple, with a small shoulder bag or cross-body.  We just need the basics ladies – why can guys walk around with just a wallet and phone and we are carrying our entire life’s belongings?  Our wallet, our phone, maybe a charger, a pad or tampon, and we should be good to go!  Wear make up? Great, just add a compact and lip gloss and boom!! We are done! Minimal is the way to go, don’t go for clunky metals, big logos, or flashy colors.  Keep it classic.


A smaller bag not only is easier to handle but it allows for ultimate movement and flexibility.  We are in the 21st century ladies!  Let’s get with the program and take the feminism to heart!  Don’t weigh yourself down with junk.  This is a Tom Ford.

10.  Timeless Dial

WatchTitanYes we have phones and yes we are on them at all times, but there is something extremely refined and cultured about women who still wear watches.  Trust me, it’s extremely rude to be checking your phones all the time.  We don’t speak up enough about it but there is nothing more annoying to me than having someone on my team check their phone in the middle of a meeting!

This is Titan and I have to say, as much as I love western brands, there are somethings I have to get local!  I’m married so I wear bangles, all the time!  Old fashioned but that’s part of who I am.  Nothing western (and affordable with great quality) goes with my gold bangles.  Titan is absolutely beautiful!  I can’t say enough about it!


So there you go ladies, building your wardrobe is about quality and minimalism.  It seems kind of stupid to splurge or spend money on basics but remember, the goal is to define our sense of style and to maintain it.  Quality lasts a lifetime!  Your splurge will become an investment and your style will be truly classic.

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